How can Jimo Say No To Her Boyfriend. 

Jimo’s boyfriend is putting her under a lot of pressure to have sex. She doesn’t feel ready, but also doesn’t want to end the relationship. Find out more about her dilemma by reading the dialogue below. What do you think she should do?

Annie: Jimo, Why are you so quiet? You haven’t said a word at all today!

Jimo: Nothing, I just have a lot on my mind

Annie: What’s wrong?

Jimo:  I am just thinking about my boyfriend

Annie: What about him?

Jimo: He has been pressurising me to have sex with him, and it makes me feel so bad about not being ready I really like him though. You guys know I have had a crush on him for a while now, right? I’m just really scared of losing him.

Annie: But I mean, have you tried telling him how you feel?

Jimo: No, I haven’t. I’m so scared of talking to him What if he dumps me?

What Should Jimo do?

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