Contraception options for safer sex

What’s the best choice for Diana as she is considering the best choice for sex? (Contraception options for safer sex).  

Angela : Diana, who are you talking to on that phone? You haven’t looked at me even once!

Diana : No one…

Angela:  Okay, so ‘no one’ is James, right?

Diana:  [Laughs] Maybe…

Angela : How long has it been now?

Diana : Oh, it’s been a while now ay Grace And…

Angela: Are you guys, you know, erm… active?

Diana: Active, what do you mean by active?

Angela: Diana, come on, you know what I mean by active I mean sexually active!

Diana: My gosh, no, Angela!

Angela: Okay, are you at least planning to any time soon?

Diana: We’ve been talking about it lately Ooh…

Angela:  And what did you decide?

Diana: Hm… nothing yet. I think I’m ready though

Angela: Okay, did you also speak about safe sex?

Diana: No. And can we please stop talking about this now?

Angela: No! Not really, I think this is so important! I think we should speak about it right now in actual fact. Do you know the different contraception options?

Diana: I sort of have an idea

Angela: Okay, what do you know?

Diana: Well, there’s condoms, and there’s pills, and injections, and an implant

Angela: Look, you are actually on the right direction It all depends on what you need. So what do you want the contraceptive to do for you?

Diana: Okay, so I obviously don’t want to fall pregnant and like, I trust James and stuff but like, I really don’t want HIV or any STIs. But once we’ve decided we’ll test for everything.

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